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Pastor Geno Tolver and Lady Elect Minister Davina Tolver

We must say off the top that PFL(Partners for Life) has been a God sent ministry for our church. We already had longevity and a very stable marriage but PFL has enhanced our relationship and communication in ways that we could not have imagined. The topics and the teachings opened our eyes to things we did not realize was "creeping up" in our marriage. Leonard and Monica are very transparent and real when it comes to teaching and being an example of what a solid marriage should be. PFL has taught us better communication skills, how to be sensitive to your mates feelings and desires and how to cater to your mates "Love Language". We thank God for PFL and the commitment and dedication of Leonard and Monica Pettway. Keep working your gifts because you are making a difference.



John and Sandra Hill

Leonard and Monica Pettway have been a tremendous Blessing to our marriage. God placed them in our life at a time when their ministry was very much needed.” Partners for Life” has taught us that it’s OK to push that “ Hot Red Button” to discuss topics that are not always easy to talk about and to find an acceptable compromise. They always set a Godly atmosphere where we feel free to speak without any judgement.  "Partners for Life" has helped remind us of  the meaning of love and true partnership, while still allowing room for growth.


Thank you, Leonard and Monica for all that you do. We pray God will continue to bless you and the Partners for Life Ministry.



DiVonta and Miracle

My “Partner for Life” Miracle’ and I have attended the Partner’s for Life Ministry since almost the beginning of our relationship. Now that we are engaged, it has continued to strengthen our journey. It has made us grow and not fearful of the much needed conversations couples should have. We are very appreciative of all the tools that we have learned thus far. Every couple no matter the stage of relationship can benefit from this ministry



Nic and Keisha

We have been married for almost 20 years. We have been through our share of ups and downs. Neither of us grew up seeing a healthy marriage to learn from. Joining Partners For Life was a true blessing to us.  The guidance, the sessions, the growth activities, and the Godly example that the Pettways have put in place with focus on love, forgiveness, cooperation and putting God first have blessed our marriage in a tremendous way. Our bond is stronger than ever and with the grace of God and the leadership of the Pettways we will continue to new heights! We are truly pleased and more importantly we believe God is truly pleased. God bless Leonard and Monica Pettway!!


 David and Evelyn 

It has been a joy for both my wife and I to participate in this great marriage ministry. As couples, we are under constant attack by the enemy. Your ministry has provided a ray of hope and it has made a tremendous  difference in times like these. It is encouraging to see the Pettways as a positive couple giving strong biblical insight as well as practical ways for couples to tune up their relationships. In addition to example setters, they are always willing to give godly wisdom and counseling. The teaching has aided us to pursue more integrity and patience in our marriage along with more effective communication.  We are very excited to be part of a magnificent support group.  It has been a blessing to our life.  

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