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FAQ For Couples

These are questions that are just scratching the surface that
PFL has encountered over the years.

  • Specifically, what has brought you to PFL?"
    The fact that you are here is the starting point to healing.
  • What are your relational struggles or challenges?
  • What if we are unequally yoked?
  • Are the both of you on the same marital path?
  • Are you playing "tug of war" with each other?"
  • Has infidelity been committed, and now the confusion has gotten even deeper?"
    Enter your answer here
  • Where did the trust go?
    Enter your answer here
  • How come we don't talk anymore?
    Enter your answer here
  • Are you still in love with me?
    Enter your answer here
  • You don't treat me the same way, what happened?"
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