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premarital coaching


We offer premarital coaching services that will help singles better prepare themselves for marriage by addressing any issues that could potentially interfere with their future marriage before they get married.

During these sessions, we aim to prepare you both for what married life is and start creating a healthy foundation before this new chapter in your life even begins. We can discuss concerns, fears, hopes and desires, and anything you two need! 


Our goal with our clients is to help them discover what makes them unique and empower them to express themselves authentically. We also focus on helping our clients become more aware of the traits they admire most in their partner and how they can encourage those traits to grow and flourish.

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Premarital coaching sessions are designed for those preparing for
marriage.  In these 3 weekly sessions, we help engaged couples address
any potential areas of conflict in their relationship early on, before those
issues become serious concerns, and teach couples effective strategies
for discussing and resolving conflicts.

(Sessions may be held face-to-face, over the phone, or virtually)
3 – 45 min Sessions with Course Work ($55 per session)
**Premarital Completion Certificate issued after 3 sessions.

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